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The Broken Wedding Glass

The Broken Wedding Glass

At Jewish weddings we see the world of romance and ceremony becoming one, tradition and an abiding connection between two people intermingling into an even more beautiful union that will be remembered well after the broken wedding glass ceremony. There are many differences between the Jewish and other faith weddings, and the practice of the wedding glass breaking is one of the most palpable cultural mainstays of modern Jewish communities.

In a Jewish wedding the groom and the bride both make their way down the aisle guide by their parents. This represents the communal bond formed by not just the joining of two people, but the joining of two house and an overall extension of the family unit. First comes the Rabbi, then the groom with his parents, then comes the grandparents, next the groomsmen and bridesmaids, then the flower girl and the ring bearer and then the bride with her parents. Although this procession is not as thoroughly observed as the broken wedding glass in the Jewish tradition, it is commonly practiced in many Jewish cultures.

Aside from the broken wedding glass there are is another lesser known, but just as prominent, tradition called the circling of the chuppah. The chuppah is the ceremonial canopy with four poles that is most often decorated. It symbolizes the new home that the new couple is building with their new union, and the lack of a door is meant to show that their home will never be closed. This feature finds its origins in the biblical marriage between Abraham and Sarah.

At some wedding ceremonies of the contemporary variety the wedding glass for breaking was replaced by the light bulb, as it was much easier to break and of course less expensive. But, as Jewish weddings became more commonly integrated with contemporary design, the level of artisan capability and craftsmanship grew by leaps and bounds, which is the case with the wedding glasses for breaking manufactured and designed by Gary Rosenthal. The glasses are examples of how the world of tradition can be blended with a contemporary aesthetic to create a sumptuous and lasting component to a joyous occasion.

The Rosenthal glasses are unique in their elongated oval shape, which makes the fracture patterns in the glass aesthetically pleasing. As well as the coloration of each glass; which feature, purple, blue, red, green and turquoise; that lends them to the design scheme of any home. The reason that this collection pays so much attention to the quality and look of the glasses, is that after the wedding and breaking of the glass, the shard are retrieved and artfully arranged in lucite to preserve the moment of the couples union and showcase the beauty of Rosenthal’s work. When you purchase one of these glasses you will receive a velvet pouch to collect the shards and package them so that they can be preserved in lucite.

So if you are looking for a lasting memento of a joyous occasion that celebrates tradition, then search our products for the keepsakes of your broken wedding glass to cherish the memory of your wonderful day forever.

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