The Perfect Jewish Wedding Gift - Breaking Glass Keepsakes!
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Jewish Wedding Gifts

Jewish Wedding Gifts

For anyone who is attending a traditional Hebrew wedding, the question of what Jewish wedding gift to bring can be a bit nerve racking and confusing. If the ceremony itself is traditional  you may want to then to make the effort to integrate that into your choice of Jewish wedding gifts and build on the same concepts, to add an air of tradition and to avoid in breaches of etiquette. You may want to go ahead and consult some on familiar with Jewish traditions, like a family member, or a Rabbi, if you lucky enough to have access and a few moments of their time.

Of all the Jewish wedding gifts you can buy, one of the most traditional is the Mezuzah. A Mezuzah is a piece of parchment inscribed with a specific verse from the Torah in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 as well as 11:13-2, which are verses that are dedications to the presence of God in homes and the lives of the Jewish people. This gift is a an intelligent choice as far as Jewish wedding gifts are concerned, because it is at once an example of the covenant between God and his chosen people, while at the same time it has the potential of being an example of contemporary sophistication in the lives of modern Jewish people.

Since you want to be as modern as possible in the Jewish wedding gifts you select, the best thing for you to do is to have a look at something slightly more contemporary than the simple boxed Mezuzah or a silver container for the crushed wedding glass. One idea is the wedding lucite invitation. This piece is fine example of how a modern concept can be integrated with a traditional notion, to create something that has value in both its romantic allusions, and its adherence to the history and mystery behind the Jewish wedding. Jewish wedding gifts are all about bridging that gap between change and tradition, by encasing both the shards from the wedding glass and the wedding invitation in a stately lucite frame.

Another option for keeping the traditions of Jewish wedding gifts alive and persevering the most important day in two people lives in an interesting and innovative manner is the small wedding glass cube, which is actually the encased remnant of the broken wedding glass captured in lucite like a moment captured in time, creating a beautiful and valuable home ornament. These Jewish wedding gifts are definitely one of a kind and will become the heirloom piece of the couple’s home in away that is as significant as their wedding rings. All that needs to be done on your end is to collect the pieces of glass and have them sent in to be processed. Then artists will artfully arrange them into an instant of dynamic impact that is as fanciful as it is wondrous.

You can also have the same dramatic effect as the previous Jewish wedding gifts on a slightly larger scale if you purchase the large wedding glass cube.

Much like the smaller version these hold the shards of the wedding glass in still air, but with the larger model you can make this piece the centrer of a rooms design and the gaps between the shards will let the light dance more jubilantly across the covered glass. And speaking of the coloured glass it is a much better idea to use coloured glass in the breaking as it will have a much more dynamic effect on the the cubes arrangement than say crystal shards or pieces from a light bulb.

So when you are looking for Jewish wedding gifts you should keep in mind the place that tradition has in forming the aesthetic – have a look at our site and we can help you bridge that gap.

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