Jewish Breaking Glass Keepsakes
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Jewish Breaking Glass

Jewish Breaking Glass

One of the most important elements in a modern Hebrew wedding is the Jewish breaking glass. As tradition dictates, the breaking of the glass is one of the most beautiful aspects of the ceremony and is saved as part of a wedding gift in a keepsake or memento from someone else (like the parents). The breaking of the glass is to signify that as long as the pieces are broken, the marriage never will be. It is a “rite of passage” to declare the end of one era and the beginning of another,  as the joining of the bride and groom and their families become one.

The possibility of contributing to the aesthetic of the wedding is why the decision of the glass shape texture and colour is such an important thing when it comes to putting together a wedding and deciding which glass to buy, since like any good wedding the Jewish wedding is a visual representation of a very important and grand moment in the lives of two people.

Making the effort to buy a Jewish breaking glass is part of what needs to be done to ensure that the essence of the event is completely represented in this at once tangential and at the same time completely integral part of the wedding planning process and as you look your options you will be able to truly make the decision count. You will have color options when it comes to buying your wedding glass. Our artists have experience crafting Lucite keepsakes out of the broken glass to make it a cherished memory of your happy occasion for the rest of your lives.

The breaking of the Jewish wedding glass takes place after the ring is place on the brides finger though sometimes this can happen at the end of the ceremony in general and after the shouts of Mavzel tov it is important that you collect the broken shards and mail them in to us – you can request a FREE SHIPPING BOX here. Your Lucite Cube or Tree of Life will ensure that all the pieces are persevered for eternity. While many contemporary weddings tent toward the use of an average light bulb which are popular because they are easily broken and less expensive, they are by far less interesting to the eye then shards of coloured glass chosen to correspond with the colour scheme of your wedding, which will ultimately add style to the event.

There are many ways you can make your wedding more fun & exciting for yourselves and your guests, and though the wedding glass is one small component, the Jewish breaking glass ceremony is as much a part of tradition as it is a symbol of your future together.

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