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How The Lucite Gifts Are Made

How The Lucite Gifts Are Made

You wouldn’t think so, but from the time we receive your broken glass shards to the day you receive our finished work of art, there are no less than 29 steps that the glass takes in order to become our Lucite Wedding Cube or Tree of Life.  And those steps don’t even include the fact that each piece of broken glass is hand-placed into a semi-liquefied state Lucite mold.  From the base pieces, to the stem, the goblet walls and the top rim of your original glass, each piece of glass in our Lucite items is hand-placed in Lucite by our very skilled artists.  The entire process for each Lucite sculpture covers a period of four days from start to finish.

Lucite is composed of a white polymer compound (basically a very, very fine sandy consistency) and a clear liquid monomer.  When these two compounds are mixed together, they form a white mixture, looking like pancake batter.  This “batter” is poured into our molds one layer at a time to enable the artist to perfectly hand-place each layer…..from the base layer, to the stem layers to the goblet layer and the top rim layer.  Each piece of glass is painstakingly placed into the Lucite in the blind—that is to say, the Lucite is not clear during the casting process, it is actually solid white!  Our artists know the process so well that they actually “feel” how and where to place each piece of broken glass so that they maintain the integrity of the shape of the glass that you send in to us: wine glass, juice glass, shot glass, aperitif glass, coffee cup, etc.

Working in a totally dust-free environment, our artists dress in over-clothes that are free of fine fabric threads and hairs.   Each Lucite Wedding Cube, Tree of Life, Invitation and Mezuzah is carefully constructed layer-upon-layer so that the finished product shimmers when light hits it.

After the casting process, the Lucite is “cured” in an oven for eight hours until it hardens into a solid block.  Once it comes out of the oven, it is belt-sanded, buffed, polished, engraved, polished again, and if requested, the edges are beveled, and the engraving is color-filled.  After one final buff and polish, we do our quality-control check of engraving before it is individually wrapped in plastic, and placed in a carton for shipping (along with the original napkin in which the glass was broken), and finally shipped out to the recipient.

For almost 20 years, The Treasured Collection has shipped our one-of-a-kind Lucite Wedding sculptures around the world—to customers as far away as Australia, Israel, UK, Prague, Paris, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Sao Paolo.

You can feel confident that The Treasured Collection is a true world-class authority in Lucite.

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